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Danareksa Equity Snapshot - 7 Juni 2018
June 07, 2018 10:12


Media: May 18: RCTI’s audience share improves further (Overweight)

A recent Nielsen survey signaled a further improvement in MNCN’s audience share in May 18, both prime time and non-prime time, mainly on the back of RCTI’s improving audience share during Ramadan. During prime time, RCTI’s top TV shows were: 1) “Dunia Terbalik” and 2) “Cinta Yang Hilang”. Surprisingly, ANTV’s prime time and non-prime time audience share continued to pick up as well, mainly on the back of: 1) “Karma The Series” and 2) “Jodoh Wasiat Bapak”. SCMA remains as our top pick in the sector.

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Danareksa Institute: Money Development – Modest growth

Money supply grew at a slightly slower pace in April than it did in March. Broad money or M2 grew by 7.4 percent YoY in April, or slightly lower than its growth pace of 7.5 percent YoY in March. The slower pace of M2 growth was mainly due to the slower growth of M1 (narrow money) which grew by only 10.2 percent YoY in April, or less than the 11.9 percent YoY growth pace in March. By contrast, the growth rate of quasi money increased from 6.2 percent YoY in March to 6.6 percent YoY in April. This helped to avert a further slowdown in the pace of M2 growth.

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Danareksa Institute: Trade Outlook – Fairly stable

After exports rose by 10.3% mom in March, they dropped by 7.2% mom in April (+8.9% yoy) to US$ 14.4 bn. Imports, by comparison, rose further by 11.3% mom (+34.7% yoy) to US$ 16.1 bn. As a result, Indonesia posted a sizeable trade deficit in April of US$ 1.62 bn, owing to an oil and gas deficit of US$ 1.13 bn and a non oil and gas deficit of US$ 0.49 bn. The deficit was surprisingly far worse than the median estimate of a US$ 733 mn surplus. Year-to-date, Indonesia’s foreign trade posted a US$ 1.31 bn deficit. This compares to a surplus in the same period last year of US$ 5.4 bn.

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  • May 18 CCI declines on a yearly comparison


  • Coal Mining: Transfer quota to fulfill the DMO does not require a new regulation


  • PP Properti (PPRO) to launch Tower 2 of the Grand Shamaya high-rise
  • Waskita Karya: Plans to issue IDR3.5tn of bonds in 2H18