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CPI & SBI Outlook
CPI & SBI Outlook March 2016
March 30, 2016 09:40

Consumer prices declined in February with deflation of 0.09 percent MoM. On a YoY comparison, headline inflation reached just 4.42 percent. By component, both the foodstuffs component (-0.04 percent MoM) and the non-foodstuffs component (-0.13 percent MoM) posted declines.

Three components of the CPI posted monthly declines in February, namely the foodstuffs, housing and transportation components, which fell by 0.58 percent, 0.45 percent, and 0.15 percent, respectively. By contrast, prices in the clothing component (+0.64 percent MoM) and prepared foods component (+0.63 percent MoM) posted higher increases, while prices in the medical care component (+0.26 percent MoM) and education component (+0.06 percent MoM) posted lower increases.