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Today's Headlines - 21 Januari 2015: ANTM, PGAS, SMSM, WSKT
January 21, 2015 09:42

ANTM Operates Anode Slime Processing Facility (ID)
Aneka Tambang (ANTM) has officially opened Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC), a facility which can extract gold and other precious metals such as selenium, paladium, platinum and others from anode slime. According to Tedy Badrujaman, ANTM's Operational Director,TBRC, which is valued at US$500,000, has the capacity to process 500 ton anode slime per annum. The anode slime itself will come from PT Smelting Gresik, which can produce up tp 2,000 tons anode slime from 1mn ton of copper concentrate coming from PT Freeport and PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara.

Land Acquisition and PPP Rules to be Revised (TJP)
The government is finalizing revisions to two presidential regulations on land acquisition and public-private partnership (PPP) that are expected to boost infrastructure projects and help accelerate growth. Under the planned revision of the land acquisition ruling, private investors would be able to acquire land as contractors on behalf of the government. At present, development projects funded by the state budget have to wait until land acquisition issues are settled by the government, which has been slow and time consuming, forcing many projects into hiatus. Moreover, under the second ruling, PPPs would be more attractive for investors and new incentives were also provided.

PGAS Allots US$800mn in 2015 Capex (TJP)
PGAS is planning to disburse capex of US$800mn for this year with most of the funds going to gas-pipelineprojects. Around US$400-500mn will be allocated for transmission and distribution pipeline projects and the remainder will be investments to the subsidiaries. The 2015 capex was made based on oil prices in 2014, thus it still can adjusted depending on the current oil prices and the economic condition. PGAS projects this year include the development and enhancement of gas pipes in western and eastern Java, central Sumatera, and Batam.

Pharmaceutical Market To Reach Rp 62tn (BI)
In 2015, the pharmaceutical industry projected to increase by 12% to IDR 62,72tn. Improving services of Community Health Insurance (JKN) and self-medication attempt through over the counter (OTC) products, expected to be the catalysts of growth. In 2014, the portion of ethical drugs still control 59% of market or IDR 33tn, while for OTC products 44%. Predicted, in 2015 that number will not changed much. January - September 2014 data showed that 73.2% Indonesian pharmaceutical market is still dominated by local producers.

Selamat Sempurna (SMSM) Eyes 15% Growth (BI)
Selamat Sempurna targets 15% revenue growth in 2015 compared to last year, driven by higher export sales. The company said it will boost sales to countries in North and South America, namely Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. The company will also maintain net profit margin of 14% this year and gross margin around 26-27%. The Company budgets capital expenditure this year amounted Rp100bn for maintenance, line balancing, and machine rejuvenation.

WSKT to Use 70% of Capital Injection for Toll Road Projects (ID)
Waskita Karya (WSKT) will utilize Rp2.45tn (about 70% of the proposed state capital subscribtion of Rp3.5tn) to complete toll projects, including: Pejagan-Pemalang toll road (targeted to be completed bu May 2016 and operational from June 2016) and Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu (Becakayu).