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Dharma Satya Nusantara 2014 CPO Sales Rise 17.3%
January 22, 2015

StockWatch (Jakarta) - PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSNG) crude palm oil (CPO) sales were 394,344 tonnes in 2014, increased by 17,3% compared to 336,240 tonnes in 2013. In an information disclosure to the Indonesia Stock Excange (IDX) on Wednesday (21/1), the companys Board of Directors (BOD) explained, the companys CPO sales hike was due to its CPO production surge by 16.4% to 390,857 tonnes in 2014, from 335,730 tonnes in 2013. According to the BOD, the companys CPO production increase was due to its fresh fruit bunch (FFB) hike by 10.9% to 1.376 million tonnes in 2014 compared to a year earlier of 1.240 million tonnes. “The companys FFB surge is due to its oil palms averagely enter production age,`` said the BOD in a written statement. In 2014, the companys management completes new planting in 9,528 hectares oil palm estate of the target of 10,000 hectares. Until December 2014, the total planted oil palm estate was 80,066 hectares. As of September 2014, the companys sales rose by 38.96% at IDR3.72 trillion, compared to IDR2.68 trillion at the same period in a year earlier. While, the companys earnings were IDR517.01 billion, jumped by 360.96% compared to IDR112.26 billion as of September 2013 (konrad/abr)