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DJ NZX-50 Closes Up 0.7% On Retail Bargain Hunters
December 24, 2013

0017 GMT [Dow Jones] The NZX-50 closes up 0.7% at 4757.363 points as retail bargain hunters push prices higher in Freightways (FRT.NZ), Fletcher Building (FBU.NZ) and Ebos (EBO.NZ) after recent weakness in the market overall, says Hamilton Hindin Greene broker Grant Williamson. FBU closes up 2.1% at NZ$8.72, FRT is up 5.4% at NZ$4.65 and EBO is up 1.4% at NZ$9.25. Williamson says that with most of the fund managers already away there are some imbalances in the market which were allowing for the bargain-hunting. ( Contact us in Singapore. 65 64154 140;