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Indofarma Loss of IDR61 Billion on Sales Falling
December 24, 2013

StockWatch (Jakarta) - PT Indofarma Tbk (INAF) as of September 2013 suffered the loss of IDR61.17 billion (IDR19.74 per share) compared with a profit of IDR20.03 billion (IDR6.46 per share) as of September 2012. In the company’s financial report on Monday (23/12), the loss of the pharmaceutical state owned company was due to its sales decline and cost on goods sales (COGS) hike. As of September 2013, INAF’s sales was of IDR640.886 billion, dropped by 8.65% compared with the same period in a year earlier of IDR701.542 billion. While its cost on goods sales rose by 1.46% at IDR447.052 billion. It caused the gross profit of INAF plunged by 25.7% from IDR260.925 billion to IDR193.835 billion as of September 2013. (yan/abr)