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JCI Likely to Move around 4,185-4,140 Points
December 23, 2013

StockWatch (Jakarta) - The Jakarta Compsite Index (JCI) of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is expected to move around 4,185-4,140 on Monday (23/12), said Reza Priyambada, the Research Head of Trust Securities, Jakarta, on Friday (20/12). According to Reza, the JCI will be followed by rupiah depreciation of IDR12,250 to US dollar. However, Reza recommended ‘buy’ for two plantation firms stocks, namely Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (AALI) and London Sumatera Plantation (LSIP). The Astra Agro shares are capable to be accumulated around IDR23,500-23,850 per share. Astra Agro’s price is expected to raise at IDR24,350-24,750 per unit. “While, we expect the London Sumatera’s price is raising at around IDR1,940-1,960 per share,” he said. On Friday (20/12), the JCI was closed lower by 36.424 points (0.861%) at 4,195.556. The trading volume at the IDX regular market was 2.664 billion shares at value of IDR3.384 trillion. (yan/abr)