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Stock Shoot - KRAS
August 24, 2016 14:30 WIB

Kinerja saham KRAS cenderung menguat untuk menguji target tertinggi pada angka 960, dimana angka tersebut merupakan harga tertinggi KRAS selama 52 Minggu sebelumnya. Selanjutnya potensi tersebut, disertai dengan harga saham KRAS yang berada dalam trend harga positif sejak awal bulan Januari 2016 sebelumnya.
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Trade Outlook

Business Sentiment Survey Aug 2016
August 04, 2016 15:05 WIB

Business sentiment weakened in our latest survey, snapping its firm uptrend which had begun in August- eptember 2015. In our April-May 2016 survey, the Business Sentiment Index (BSI) dropped 8.5 percent to a level of 122.2.

Nonetheless, the decline in the BSI does not yet constitute a break from its strong upward trend seen this year. Indeed, catalysts such as the government’s groundbreaking tax amnesty ruling and expected recovery in domestic consumption in the second half of the year could quickly help restore the BSI’s upward momentum.

CEOs continued to claim that corporate performance remained fairly sluggish. Most notably, the index measuring sentiment toward sales growth dropped a further 6.3 percent to 94.8. And at the bottom line, profits growth was similarly anemic (this index sank 6.6 percent to 93.6), constricted by high operating costs.

Looking forward, CEOs were less sanguine on Indonesia’s economic outlook over the next six months. As a result, only 38.6 percent of CEOs are now upbeat on the economy, down from 47.6 percent in the previous survey.

More encouragingly, business confidence toward the government improved further. In our survey, the Business Confidence in the Government Index (BCGI) eked out a small 1.9 percent gain to 141.0. 

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CPI & SBI Outlook

CPI & SBI Outlook June 2016
June 30, 2016 09:21 WIB

Consumer prices picked up in May 2016. On a monthly comparison, the headline inflation rate reached 0.24 percent following the deflation of 0.45 percent in April. On an annual basis, however, the inflation rate eased to 3.33 percent yoy. By component, prices in both the foodstuffs component (+0.43 percent MoM) and the non- oodstuffs component (+0.14 percent MoM) rose. The rising inflationary pressures mainly owed to the end of the harvesting season and the approach of Ramadan.

All of the CPI components posted increases. The prepared foods component increased the most (+0.58% mom), followed by the clothing component (+0.44% mom), and the foodstuffs component (+0.30% mom). The medical care component (+0.27% mom) and the transportation component (+0.21% mom) also edged higher, while the education component (+0.03% mom) and the housing component (+0.02% mom) were relatively stable.

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Forecast For June 2016

Exports US$ 11.50 bn
Imports US$ 11.90 bn
Trade Balance US$ 0.40 bn

Forecast for 2016

Exports US$ 148.50 bn
Imports US$ 147.20 bn
Trade Balance US$ 1.30 bn

DRI Forecast for Jun 2016

MoM(%) 0.73
YoY(%) 3.24

End of period(% p.a) 6.50

Forecast for 2016

Inflation(%) 3.82
SBI(% p.a) 6.50